We offer a wide range of services from the standard frames used for photos or prints, to box frames for three dimensional items such as sculpture, figurines or textiles, all of which are available in a variety of frame style, shape, size and colour. We also offer our bespoke frame designs created in-house.

Whatever your needs, we can help, and if you can’t see what you are looking for in our list of services below or in our Gallery or Flickr page, please get in touch with us via the contact page.

Standard Frames

Standard framing is what you typically see for two dimensional artworks such as screen prints or watercolours or for photographs or certificates. This includes a shallow frame quite often with a mount window to set the image slightly back from the glass but can sometimes be completed without the mount window as if often the case with posters. The frame styles for this vary from the modern sleek looking minimal frames to the more ornate and detailed frames.

Box Frames

Box Framing is a much deeper frame sometimes used for textiles or three dimensional pieces but also for two dimensional artworks. It sets the artwork or object back from the glass creating a bigger void and giving a more preserved impression. Shallower box frames can also be used with two dimensional work to create an interesting finish. There are a number of varieties of box frame style that can include incorporating some more traditional techniques such as mount windows. We have examples of all of these styles on show in our workshop so if you think box framing might be the way to go but aren’t sure what might work best then feel free to drop by an have a look.

Custom Frames

If you’re looking for a more unique, bespoke frame, we are able to offer a number of options. We can offer a variety of hand finishes to number of different frame shapes and sizes, including different wood stains or paints or even carefully chosen spray finishes. We often work closely with clients and artists to create something specific for their work and are more then happy to work this out over a number of visits and experiments before proceeding with the final frame.

At Manchester Custom Framing we offer a number of unique frame designs created by ourselves and available nowhere else. These include frames made from materials such as plywood and OSB board as well as our very special concrete finish frames which add a modern brutalist element and are perfect for those one off pieces of design.


We pride ourselves on a professional high quality finish on every item we frame so you can rest assured that your print, photo, artwork etc. will remain looking great for a very long time. For those pieces that require extra special care we are able to offer UV protection glass and conservation standard materials that will preserve and protect.


All the materials we stock are manufactured to a high standard, and include qualities that ensure proper conservation of artwork (such as acid-free mountboards or UV protection in the glazing), but for those pieces that require extra care and attention we also stock a range of higher standard materials, including glazing options with higher levels of UV protections and museum quality mountboards.

Artist’s Rates

We are proud to offer discounted rates to any artist looking to frame their own work, be it for a upcoming exhibition, for a sale or just for their own keeping. We understand that it can be difficult to afford the cost of professional framing and those short deadlines can be stressful. Send us a message on the contact page and we will do what we can to help.


Accidentally cracked or smashed the glass in one of your frames? Drop it by and we’ll replace it for you and aim to have it back to you in the same day.


We are able to construct mirrors to your measurements and finish them with a large range of frame types. Broken a mirror? Chances are we can fix it.

Artwork Mounting

Artwork mounting can include producing large scale foam board backed photograph prints or providing custom made mount windows to display prints for sale. We have samples of dozens of colours, textures and styles of mountboard to choose from.